Club configuration

Please carry out the initial setup first then you are free to jump around as you wish.

If you have any problems with the instructions please submit a ticket.

Security – this is very important read it – and read it again!

Managing users – this explains the different roles that users may have.

WP-Members – explains how to configure this plugin. Websites created before February 2021 had a poor method for dealing with passwords. It is recommended that you make the changes described here.

Member’s Signup – is a general mechanism to allow logged in users to subscribe to an opportunity that you create.

For adding content please first read the adding news items and other posts then adding content

Menus – these define the structure of the website.

Social media – are important for those who like social media.

Master Slider – for a “slide” display

Attracting people to your site – why else have a website

Giving your site a URL with the club’s domain.