Members’ Signup

This is a general mechanism to allow your members to sign up for something. The plugin is not enabled by default.

Enabling the plugin

Go to Dashboard/Plugins, locate Members Signup and click on the activate link just below it. You will see a new menu in the dashboard near the top called “Opportunities”

Creating an opportunity

Set the title to be something meaningful so that you can find the opportunity again. An opportunity has an Opportunity ID, zero or more Managers and zero or more Fields.


A field is extra information associated with a subscription to an opportunity. For example if the “opportunity” is to play in a one-ball club event you could provide a comment field for people to say something such as “I can’t start before 11:00”. Fields are of two types text and checkbox. A checkbox either contains a mark to show that it has been selected or is clear. You may provide any number of fields but often there will be none.

When you add a field and click on the blue Update button a new empty field will appear. If a field has no name it will be removed giving just one spare field.


You can add as many managers as you wish. When you add a manager a space for a new one appears. A manager can act on behalf of someone else to subscribe, update their subscription or unsubscribe. It is quite easy to make a mistake as a manager so may choose to make someone a manager only while they need that status and then remove it.


The available shortcodes are listed at the top of the page. They are ms-subscribe and ms-list-people both of which have an id parameter as indicated and ms-list-opportunities which has no parameter. You can add these shortcodes (each in its own shortcode block).


This initially provides a button saying “Subscribe” preceded by the opportunity to set any desired fields value. Once you have subscribed the Subscribe button goes away and is replaced by an Unsubscribe button. In addition if the opportunity has fields you may modify them and use the Update button to modify the subscription.

If you are a manager then you select from the list of people who you want to act on behalf of and you will always get all three buttons. Set any field values and click on either subscribe or update to subscribe for someone or click on unsubscribe to remove them. If you don’t set someone to act for then no change will be made.


This shortcode will often be used right after ms-subscribe as it provides a table showing who has subscribed.


This provides a list of all the opportunities the logged in user has subscribed for. This will most naturally appear in a page linked from the members’ area.