Creating a site by cloning within a multisite

Go to: MySites/Network Admin/Sites and hover over the url of the site you wish to copy amd select Duplicate from the list of options.

The site address should be a simplification (with just lower case letters and hyphens) of the club name e.g. blewbury or phyllis-court. The site must not exist.

New Site  – Title should say something like Blewbury CC or Harwell Croquet Club. It can edited later by the site admin.

The admin email will normally not be yours but that of whoever is going to look after it . As super-admin you get admin rights to all the sites in the network.

Finally click the Duplicate button.

You can then go back to MySites/Network Admin/Sites and and note that your new site has been added. Note that you can, from here, delete any or all of the network sites but not the main site.