ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Responsive embedding of video and it also seems to work with Google Maps

Better Search Replace

This is for making global edits to the database. It is only used when an add-on domain is pointed to a part of a multisite so a lot of editing is needed.

Disable Comments

Allows administrators to globally disable comments. For a non-blog site this seems appropriate.


Is used to make backups of a single or multisite setup. It us used to produce the material to distribute to federations and clubs and may be used by clubs to backup.

Enable Media Replace

Allows a media file to be replaced with a file with a different name and all links to the file to be maintained.

If Menu

Allows different menu items to be displayed according to your role. This might be better to Nav Menu Roles as it has more users and supports the current WordPress

Master Slider

Used for showing a set of images, videos etc. It is unfortunately quite complex.

Members’ Signup

This is a home grown plugin to allow the creation of opportunites to which people can sign up. It is not enabled by default.

MultiSite Clone Duplicator

Used in the multisite environment to make it easy to set up a website by copying an existing one. It only copies within a single multisite network.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

This is network activated – but can only be run from the main site.

Simple Calendar

This integrates one or more Google Calendars into the website.

Simple Yearly Archive

This gives a list of posts organised by year and controlled by category.


This plugin is able to deal with many aspects of league management. It is only useful for federation sites.

TablePress Extension: DataTables FixedColumns
TablePress Extension: DataTables FixedHeader
TablePress Extension: Responsive Tables
TablePress Extension: Table Auto Update
TablePress Restrict Authors

Not network activated but strongly recommended,

User Role Editor

Not network activated – and not advertised

Wordfence Security

Provides Anti-virus, Firewall and Malware Scan.

WordPress Importer

Not network activated – and not advertised


This provides a mechanism to register users and control acccess to the site.


Search Engine Optimization. This is not “network activated” at the moment.