Setting up a custom domain

  1. Go to and make sure that things are setup correctly for the domain to be used.
  2. Add the domain as an Addon domain in the cPanel. Leave the ftp username with the default value, set the document root to be public_html, use a secure password (no need to record it) and click on “Add Domain”.
  3. In the cPanel go to “Lets Encrypt” and get a regular (not wildcard) certificate. It will take a minute or two to happen.
  4. Go to and find the site and “Edit” it. On the Info tab change the site URL to the new one.
  5. Visit the site and login – you will be taken to the old page so go back to the new one and enter the dashboard for that site.
  6. Go to “Tools/Better Search Replace”, select all the tables with Ctrl-A and replace the old URL ( with the new one (https://yyy). Do a dry run first then make the change.
  7. Invite the user to have email accounts set up.