Supsystic tables

You need to be admin to create a table – but anybody can use one. Go to Tables by Supsystic at or near the bottom of the dashboard.  

For the club websites a few tables have been created for you, including a round robin tournament and a simple knockout. For a federation website there maybe no need for any tables.

The on line documentation is good but here are a few points that might help you.

  • You can add header rows and a caption via the Settings tab
  • The Editor tab lets you change formatting and shading
  • If you can’t find how to do things, right-click the table and you’ll find options to add/delete rows/columns, or merge cells
  • If you need to duplicate a table, open an existing table, and choose the ‘Clone’ button at the top of the page. You can then modify that rather than starting from scratch
  • For more details see Supsystic Data Tables Generator which also tries to persuade you to buy a license.

Once you’ve created a table, you can embed it into your content.  There’s a button on the text editor that has a T in a pale blue circle.  Click that and you can place a table into your page.

Don’t try editing a table by looking in the page where it’s visible.  You have to go to the Tables plugin in the dashboard.