Attracting people to your site

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There are two plugins which you may choose to activate “Yoast SEO” and “Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights”. They are both market leading components and both encourage you to buy an upgrade – there is no need. The first plugin helps to make your website more attractive and the second allows you to measure how it is being used.

Yoast SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. By following the guidance they offer you hope to make your website attract more visitors who may in turn become club members. Having enabled it you will find that the lists of pages and of posts has three traffic lights for each page for an overall score along with a readability assessment and the number of outgoing external links. At the bottom of each page or post is an explanation of what you might improve for each page or post. You may choose to enable this plugin for a while, make some improvements and then disable it again.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics analyses how your website is used. You need to set up an account at and associate a “property” which is your website. Google Analytics works by receiving messages from your website. You could add code to each web page to do this but it is much easier to allow the MonsterInsights plugin to do this for you. Simply enable the plugin, accept all the defaults and select the “property” corresponding to your website. In a few days time you should have some interesting data. MonsterInsights collects data back from Google Analytics and you can see the data either from the page on the website or directly from Google Analytics.