Managing Users

As distributed, the website will allow people to register with the website to give themselves access to more information. Registrations need to be approved (by you as administrator). When the user registers he is sent an email to say that he is waiting approval and you will be sent an email inviting you to approve the user – and giving you a link to follow. The link does not work. Instead go to the “Users” page in the dashboard, hover over the user and click “Activate”  and a mail will be sent to the user inviting him to login.  If you have more than one user to activate then you can also do this as a “Bulk Action”.  You may also wish to change the user’s role: select the user then use the “Change role to …” pulldown  and click on “Change”.

The site has been configured so the new users are created with a role of Author. An author is able to post news items – for most members of most clubs this should be fine. However you can control options as follows:

  • Subscriber: can read members-only information but cannot post
  • Contributor: can post but nobody can see the post until you approve it
  • Author: can post without moderation and can edit own posts
  • Editor: can also edit other people’s posts and manipulate Master Sliders but not tables.
  • Administrator: can do anything – this is often only one person but it is preferably at least two people.

You can use the same technique to later change the roles assigned to users: go to the “Users” page in the dashboard and select the user or users by clicking in the little box on the left of each row. Then use the “Change role to …” pulldown  and click on “Change”.

You can create users from scratch but it is recommended that you leave them to register themselves. This means that they must accept the terms of service when they register.

Your account was created for you so you should update information about yourself. You can either select “Edit my profile” from the pull down menu in the top right hand corner of the page which shows your username or you can do it from the “Users” page on the dashboard.

As is a multisite WordPress installation usernames have to be unique across all sites.  The user will receive a warning about this before he registers.