Initial setup for your club

This website is part of a multisite network. If you are already used to WordPress you will find that there are somethings that you expect to be able to do but can’t – in particular you have no control of plugins and themes, nor can you edit users as they may be registered with multiple sites. The good side is that you don’t have to update them either. If you are completely new to WordPress then it may be best to look at a tutorial.

If you have any problems with the instructions please submit a ticket. You should get a fairly prompt response though on a best efforts basic.

Your website has been created by “cloning” an example website. Rather than using a fictitious club the starting site has been configured for Liverpool croquet club. If you make a mess of things it can be be reset to its initial state – just submit a a ticket. You may wish to do this so that you can experiment freely, have it reset and then do the job properly.

Login as yourself and go to the “Dashboard”.  At the top left you will see something very like this.

Towards the top are Posts, Media, Pages , Calendars, Flamingo and Contact – these control the content, this is followed by Appearance, Users, Tools and Settings then at the bottom should be Duplicator, SG  Optimiser, Master Slider and Tables.

Start with Appearance/Customise. A pencil will appear next to various bits of the page, which means they’re editable.  And a menu is now visible on the left.

Your current theme is Croquet – this is a page layout that’s been set up for you and should not be changed.

You will need to change the Site Identity.  The site identity has a logo which is initially not set. You may set it to one for your club. Change the site title to the name of your club. There is a tagline where you could say something enthusiastic about yourself, or just make it the address of your club.

You may want to change the Header Media from the one supplied.  You can upload and specify your own image to replace the picture of grass. However note that only about the top third of the 2000×1200 px image will be used! It is not even a fixed fraction as it depends upon the view-port size. It must work well with the  text and logo which go over it.

Don’t bother with the rest of the elements here.  Click Publish at the top of the menu and move on to the setting things up with Google.

Google preliminaries

You will need a Google account. If you don’t have one then go  to Note that there is no need to create a gmail account you can associate your google account with any email address. In addition for some the Google facilities to work you will also need a Google API Key. To obtain a key go to there you will need to create a project – you will only need one – and enable the set of APIs you need. These include the Google Calendar API as described at

Editing existing pages

At the top of the Dashboard are the headings Posts, Media, Pages and Calendars. When users add a news item this is a Post. When a Post is written it is added to the list of posts of that type. Pages (technically a special kind of post) need to be linked together and/or added to a menu.

Click on Pages/All Pages You will see a list of pages. Some of these should be reviewed and modified immediately before advertising the website. These are listed below. You are of course at liberty to change any of the content.

About us – will need updating

Calendar – this will need updating as described in the calendars section of: adding news items and other posts

Committee – will need updating

Constitution – will need updating

Contacts – This will also need editing.

Finding us – This uses ARVE to display a google map.  To replace the the existing map which shows Liverpool Croquet Club, delete the existing classic block and see the maps section of adding news items and other posts to add a new one.

History of the club – will need editing

Internal Competitions  – this initially makes use of two tables.

Introductory courses – will need editing

League matches – this initially makes use of a table.

Membership rates – this initially makes use of a table.

Open days – will need editing

Our facilities – will need editing

Privacy Policy – should be adjusted to match the agreed policy of the club

Roll of Honour – will need editing

Visiting groups – will need editing

Welcome – this is the home page and will certainly need editing. First the title needs changing to match that of your club.

The page starts with the CA promotional video that is hosted on YouTube. The text [masterslider id=”1″]  causes a “slider” or sequence of images to be displayed there.

The slider is configured by going to Master Slider almost at the bottom of the Dashboard menus. Click on its name, “Welcome” and then replace the slides by some of your club.

You will probably want to create sliders for some news items.  Unfortunately you need to have an editor role or admin role to create and manipulate a Master Slider though anyone can use one in their own post.

The other pages should not need attention at this time.

Clean out the posts

Now instead of Pages/All Pages go to Posts/All Posts view one or two of them then select all the posts by clicking on the little box at the left hand side of the table of posts either in the header or footer. As “Bulk Action” select “Move to Bin” and click on “Apply”