Managing Federation Users

Unlike the club website there is no facility offered to allow members to register themselves instead members must be added by an administrator. Go to “Dashboard/Users/Add New” and scroll halfway down the page to where it says in black “Add New User” and set the first three fields: Username, Email and Role which defaults to “Author” then scroll to the bottom and click on the blue button “Add New User”. Inform the user that he will receive an email and that after clicking on the link in the email he should inform you. You may get an email from the system but not necessarily. At this point go to “Dashboard/Users/All Users”, hover over the user and click “Activate”  and a mail will be sent to the user inviting him to login. 

If the person is already registered as a member of a “croquet-websites” club then you just need to link him to the federation. To do this go to “Dashboard/Users/Add New” but this time use the top form “Add Existing User”. Enter their username or email address in the first box, set the role and you may wish to select “Skip Confirmation Email”. Then scroll down to the blue button “Add Existing User” and press it. Now go back to the “Users” page again and see if you are offered the option of activating that user. If so, then do it, otherwise your are done.

The site has been configured so that new users are created with a role of Author. An author is able to post news items – for most federation officers his should be fine. However you can control options as follows:

  • Subscriber: can read members-only information but cannot post
  • Contributor: can post but nobody can see the post until you approve it
  • Author: can post without moderation and can edit own posts
  • Editor: can also edit other people’s posts and manipulate Master Sliders but not tables.
  • Administrator: can do anything – this is often only one person but it is preferably at least two people.

Your account was created for you so you should update information about yourself. You can either select “Edit my profile” from the pull down menu in the top right hand corner of the page which shows your username or you can do it from the “Users” page on the dashboard. If you are already registered as a member of a “croquet-websites” club you will not need to do this. Users that you add should be invited to do the same.

There are other roles which are SportsPress related:

  • League Manager: Has access to all SportsPress features, including settings.
  • Team Manager: Manages teams. Has full access to publish, edit, and delete players, staff, events, player lists, and posts. Can also submit for review or edit assigned teams.
  • Event Manager: Manages events. Has full access to publish, edit, and delete events. Can also submit for review or edit assigned players, staff, teams, and posts.
  • Staff: A staff member. Can submit for review or edit assigned staff, events, teams, and posts.
  • Player: A player. Can submit for review or edit assigned players, events, teams, and posts.

As admin you can do everything that people with these roles can do. If you need to set someone up having the capabilities associated with an Author and with a League Manager for example then please submit a ticket.