Social Media

Social Media

Though you may not be interested yourself in Social Media it is well worth making use of them to promote your club. There’s a guide on the Croquet Association website explaining how to setup a Facebook account for your club.

At the bottom of every page of your site is a round button with an ‘f’ on it.  Click this and you’ll get redirected to Facebook.  Initially, you’ll find yourself on the Croquet Association page, but you can customise that to your own.

On the top menu click on Customise (or Appearance > Customise on the dashboard).  Choose Menus, and select Side Menu.  There’s a box marked “(no label) Custom Link” with a small down arrow alongside. Click the arrow.

You now have a box containing the text

Delete ‘thecroquetassociation’ and replace it with the name of your club’s Facebook page.

Update the page, and you’ve now established a permanent link to your Facebook page.