The SportsPress plugin has good support for various leagues. It is quite a large system but we don’t need it all for a federation web site.

Look at the Dashboard and you will see five SportsPress icons: SportsPress, Events, Teams, Players and Staff.

The SportsPress icon

Settings – these should not need changing

Configure – this is where the nature of a croquet league is defined. It might need changing a little. Start with the second block (Event Results) which defines the basic things: Games, Rubbers, Hoops and TPs all of which may be needed to determine the sequence in a league. The first block defines a Win, a Lose and a Draw. A win means that you have won most games in a match. The fourth block: Table Columns defines what may appear in a league table and the sorting order within the league table. The sorting order may not be the same for AC and GC. If this is a problem set the Sort Order to “Disable”. The first selection criterion will normally be Points (here defined as twice the number of wins plus the number of draws). In any league table you select from these columns which ones you want to display. Triple peels are obviously not of interest except for Advanced AC.

Tutorials – may be helpful

Overview – provides a good graphical view of the current league structure

Leagues – allows the creation of new leagues. Initially there are three: AC Handicap League North, AC Handicap League South and GC Level Play League.

Seasons – allows the creation of new seasons. Initially there is just 2018.

The Teams Icon

Teams – shows the list of teams. To create a new one click the “Add New” button. Give the team a name – normally just the name of the club. If a club enters more than one team into some leagues then a team with an alternative name such as “<club name> B” will also be needed. Under details add the sets of leagues and seasons in which the team play. Other fields can be filled in but there is no need.

Add New – takes you directly to add a new team

League Tables – shows the success of a team.  It is convenient to concatenate the name of the league with the season  so that they all have sensible names. Select the name of the league and the season. The teams can normally be left at Auto. Select the columns you wish to be displayed. Don’t fiddle with the numbers in the tables directly!

The Events Icon

This appears before the teams icon – however you can’t have events before you have teams to play in them.

Events – shows the list of events – i.e. a match between two teams. To create a new one click the “Add New” button.  Don’t set the title it will be created for you. Set the Date/Time,  the league, the season and the two teams. When the games has been played you can set the result in games from the event list page of if you want to set the other fields too then edit the event and enter the results.

Add New – takes you directly to add a new event

Venues – only two have been created in the demo setup. These are Blewbury and Ryde. Just set the name and the address then click on the pin below the address. Then adjust the position of the red pin. Finally click on the blue “Add New” button. An event can then be associated with a venue.

Calendars – shows the list of calendars.  To create a new one click the “Add New” button.  Set the league(s) and the season. You can associate a calendar with multiple league for a season. Select the columns. Set the layout to be list and update.

Players and Staff Icons

These have not been set as it would be too much detail.

Displaying the information on the web site

A lot of league information could be displayed on the website but to keep it simple, for each league of set of related leagues a post is created of type League with the information to be displayed. 

GC Level Play League 2018 has a a couple of special entries:

[team_standings 1210]

[event_list 1218]

These are expanded when the page is viewed.

AC Handicap League 2018 is similar but has league tables for both the North and South Divisions. The calendar is shared by the two divisions. 

Team_standings are league tables and event_list is the list of events in a calendar.  To find the string to embed in the post go to the league table or calendar and copy the “Shortcode” value.